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Lets Talk About The Enkei RPF1...

We have seen the Enkei RPF1 ran for almost 2 decades now on everything and anything. Is the RPF1 one of the most iconic wheels ever made?! Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below!

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Scotty b : so i have a 09 impreza the bolt pattern is 5x115 can i find a pair ?
Peter Shepherd : I never got why this wheel is so popular over the years.
GrnArrow092 : I'm thinking I may pick up a set of these in 17" for my 2014 Chevy Cruze. These would look great wrapped in a set of General G-Max tires. They would look even better on my car with a set of Eibach lowering springs which will drop it from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" depending on how they settle after installation.
Jet Vibez : Just ordered these for my 1st gen tsx from u guys, hopefully 18x8.5 is a good size, stretched tires to make it look better? and a fender roll maybe?
Case Carter : Got em on a 06 Infiniti m45s they work wonders.

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As car enthusiasts, sometimes life and other things get in the way, so our cars must serve a higher purpose on the road. When life gets in the way, there can be an alternative. today Gels sits down to discuss practical cars you can modify, allowing you to keep your priorities while holding on to your passion. Have a suggestion we didn't talk about? Drop a Comment Below!\r



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The Concave Enkei RS05RR Racing Revolution Wheel

Alex gives us a quick look at the three different concave faces of the Enkei RS05RR. In this video, you will see the difference between the different concave options for the RS05RR Racing Revolution Wheel. If you're looking for a concave wheel for your car, the RS05RR has to be at the top of your list.

RS05RR: https://enkei.com/shop/wheels/racingrevolution/rs05rr/

It Started in Japan Hoodie: https://whatmonstersdo.com/products/it-started-in-japan-hoodie

Description from Enkei.com:

Designed to look incredible while retaining Enkei’s racing spirit \u0026 functionality. The lightweight RS05RR is made using Enkei’s MAT-DURA flow forming method. Made in 18×8.5-18×11 with 3 different concave face designs. In Silver or Matte Gunmetal. This is a special order wheel. Please ask your Enkei dealer for details.

「RS05」 レーシングレボリューションコンセプトホイール
■ シャープな15フィン×コンケイブデザイン
■ レーシングホイールレベルの高い基本性能とデザイン性を両立

Sizes 18″
Matte Gunmetal or Sparkle Silver
Spec-E Inspected
MAT Process
Martin Freeman : any chance a 19" is available?
907 Akz : Why the enkei rs05-rr kinda light?
Caleb Treece : I Want these on my GTR
Ignacio G : Holy shit i bought a honda civic fd2 type r about a week ago and it came with these wheels which i thought they were some replica or some unbranded wheels but didnt really care bcoz they look really good.. and only to find out they are Enkeis!??? What a score
DJ Nekkon "Remix Request" : 3 years on my car. 10.5 and 11 on my 350z they have held good on daily and some autocross. By far the most beautiful and functional wheel for the 350z you can check my 350z if you wan to see it on a gun metal and both RR face. I Love enkie and thanks for the review.




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