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E-Mart Shopping I'Park Mall Yongsan Station in Seoul, Korea

E-mart Shopping
I'Park Mall
Yongsan Station in Seoul, Korea

Time: About 5 PM
Date: Feb 2019
Season: Late winter

gopro hero 5
moza mini mi
edutige etm-001
pinkpopstarr : Literal flashbacks, thanks for this
EL KAPITAN : marka po
Daniella Luevano : Loved this!

E Mart Korean Supermarket Tour 10 must-buy items in a Korean supermarket

The name of the Supermarket is E-mart!

10 Items that we recommended are

1. Kimchi
2. Spoons \u0026 Chopsticks
3. Hotteok mix KIT
4. Nickel-silver pot
5. Ramyeon
6. Soju
7. Korean Instant Coffee
8. Nail clippers
9. Korean Dried Seaweed
10. Ginseng Chicken Soup

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As the above links contain the affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you purchase the items that I have recommended. Clicking these links are not going to charge you any money, they will help me continue making videos. Thank you for your support!

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Marvelicious Food and Vlog : At 4:28 uncle Roger!!!
Tracey Bekker : Awwwww you sing beautiful Clairesing some more ❤️from S Africa
יוכבד מנדלסון : Lovelyvlog & so interesting to watch.
Ps. I an new to your channel so i will write my name in english lettering.
Yocheved G. Mendelson
Oh and i' from Israel
mrzwerus : you forgot the most important item for foreign expats 1. a sim card for a korean provider, why, because with a foreign provider like vodafone you cannot order and deliver products to your place
2. enough plug transformers for people not used to voltage in korea
3. simple paper pocket dictionary in case your phone dies
4. travel bus, tram card and if possible a pre paid limit korean credit card with deposit on it for bus ticket and train ticket machines
Sg Montenegro : I went to Korea.. Seoul... but sadly no chance to go to their supermarket. We should copy Korean style paying $ .25 to get a shopping cart and get their money back when returning the cart.. maybe? Amazing supermarket..seems the store is as big as Costco warehouse

이마트송 Emart Song 이마트 로고송 (E-Mart Logo Song)

이마트 로고송 E-Mart Logo Song


원곡 : Happy Talk - SOUTH PACIFIC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXgmQDFhPjo)


신세계 이마트 사업부문에서 독립(2011년~)한 이후에는 쓰이지 않습니다.
404ERROR : 이거 들을때마다 제일 윗층에 있는 한글로 써진 맥도날드 글씨체랑 거기서 먹은 아이스크림 맛이랑 플스 시디 파는곳에서 하던 니드포스스피드랑 슈퍼마리오 모든게 그립다
인간 : 2배속을하면 그분이 일렁인다
에이소닉TV : 느려
James Kim : 1.75배속으로하면 더 좋아짐
김우주 : 느리다...




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